Data Science in Healthcare: Price Prediction and Personalized Recommendations

Monday, November 7, 2016 - 10:30 am
Unlike for most services or products, the price for a medical procedure is frequently unknown to a US healthcare consumer until they receive the bill after the procedure has already been performed. This lack of transparency results in wide price variance and an inefficient market. This talk will cover how Castlight accurately predicts out-of-pocket pricing in the face of complex insurance plans, contractual restrictions, and sparse, messy data. The talk will also cover how Castlight uses machine learning to make personalized recommendations to lower healthcare costs, improve outcomes, and improve utilization of health benefits.

Data Science in Healthcare: Price Prediction and Personalized Recommendations | Data Dialogs 2016

Engineering VP and Chief Architect
Castlight Health
Robert Stewart is an Engineering VP and the Chief Architect at Castlight Health. Castlight's health benefits platform empowers people to make the best choices for their health, and helps companies make the most of their health benefits. He led the engineering teams that built Castlight Action, a fully-automated platform for benefits professionals to leverage data and predictive analytics to connect employees to the right benefits and programs. Robert previously held senior development and management positions at Voxify, Avaya, and Lucent Bell Labs, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Physics and Philosophy from Rice University. On most weekends he can be found cycling the East Bay hills.