Empower Your Visualizations

Monday, November 7, 2016 - 3:50 pm

For centuries, data visualizations have been used as a way of communicating important information. The best visualizations can do more than just communicate and make a meaningful impact, yet we often neglect to consider what makes them such effective tools. In this keynote, we explore the power behind data visualizations by asking the question: What makes a data visualization powerful? We will examine effective real-world data visualizations using a series of case studies, as well as identify the key takeaways that can be applied to improve the power of visualizations. Finally, we will learn how data visualizations can lead to better decisions.

Empower Your Visualizations | Data Dialogs 2016

Senior Principal Data Scientist
Nielsen Company

Jennifer Shin is a Senior Principal Data Scientist at The Nielsen Company and the Founder of 8 Path Solutions, a data science, analytics, and technology company. As an experienced data scientist and management consultant, Jennifer has led complex, large scale, and high profile projects for corporate, public, and private clients, including GE Capital, the Carlyle Group, Fortress Investment Group, and Columbia University.

A recognized thought leader, her expertise has been recognized by USA Today, VentureBeat, and Reuters, and in 2015 she was identified by IBM as a Big Data & Analytics Hero. Jennifer also serves on the faculty in the UC Berkeley School of Information, lecturing in statistics and data science. She is also an instructor at Columbia Business School and on the Advisory Board for the M.S. in Data Analytics program at the City University of New York.
Jennifer earned both her undergraduate degree in Economics, Mathematics, and Creative Writing and her graduate degree in Statistics from Columbia University.